Disinfection-Sanitization Services


Our world is changing. COVID’19 will be one of the defining moments of the 20th century and has already transformed the way we live our everyday lives. Regular disinfection and sanitization of your premises will now become “the new normal”. ILS services are a specialized team that is highly skilled in decontamination and sanitizing all surfaces. Approved by Dubai Municipality, we use a natural disinfectant that’s 99.9% effective against all known viruses, bacteria, biofilm, spores, and fungi. Approved by Dubai Municipality.


  • 1BHK AED250
  • 2BHK AED300
  • 3BHK AED350
  • 4BHK AED450
  • 5BHK AED550


  • 2BR AED400
  • 3BR AED500
  • 4BR AED550
  • 5BR AED600
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