Do clothes fade with every wash or by dry cleaning?

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This is a very common question asked by the salesperson while buying clothes or to a laundry service provider while giving them clothes for washing for the first time.

But we say that’s a total myth if you wash or dry clean your clothes as per these methods.

1. Don’t throw away your Care labels-

It is true to say that like humans even your clothes have an age after which they start fading and get wrinkled after being worn and washed multiple times. But if the same happens to you while washing your clothes for the first time, then you may need to practice considering your clothes care labels.

It is very important to study your care labels before washing as every clothing has its own need for washing or dry cleaning. Some may require machine washing with specific detergents, whereas some are just meant for handwash or dry cleaning.
Also, it is very important to wash your clothes separately or by handwash if colour bleeding is indicated as it may lead to colour fading and will change the colour of other clothes as well.
Therefore, it is highly recommended to give your clothes to professionals in these cases as they have better equipment’s for washing and will make sure to maintain the quality of your clothes.

2. Always do a patch test before washing clothes-

Did you already ignore the first point and threw away your care label? Well, the best solution to your problem could be a patch test on your clothes. It is very easy to perform these patch tests in a few simple steps.

  • Take the corner of your clothes you feel might fade and wet it with water.
  • Gently take a pinch of detergent or softener in your hand and rub it on the corner of your cloth.
  • Once you’re done wait for the cloth to dry and check if there’s any colour fade or damage.

And voila, you will get an exact idea about how you need to wash your clothes.

3. Avoid too much detergent-

Have you been trying to add additional detergent or softener to your clothes just to make them smell better than usual? Nah. That’s not how it goes. Doing this may cause a lot of stickiness in your clothes and also lead to residual of both in the clothes. Which further can cause high damage or colour bleeding.
And don’t forget your water and electricity bills heightened because of extra spins in the washing machine.

4. Stop expecting a lot from clothes, even they get old-

Most people buy clothes with expectations that they might last forever. However, they get disappointed when their clothes start to lose their shine after multiple washes. It is very important to understand that everything has an expiry and so do our clothes. No matter if you wear and wash them regularly or wash them and wear them once a year, your clothes are still going to lose their shine with time. So why crib over it? Go and get some shopping therapy.
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